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Myanmar Online News ‘A liar’: SSA

In response to Myanmar Online News’ claims that Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) has ordered Burmese in Monghsu Township to move out the town or face arrest, is groundless and faulty, the SSA official abruptly retaliated.

cutting-treeWith regard to the Myanmar Online News claims, SHAN has reached out an SSA official. "It is not true that we force the Burmese people to leave their homes. But with an exception that we won't allow any mining, digging and wood cutting near Monghsu's water reservoirs. We don't allow anyone regardless of his/her ethnic status, if he/she is an ethnic Shan or Burmese. Because the locals, for ages, relying on the natural forests for their living and they are depending on water resources for agriculture." the spokesman from SSA, Major Sai La said.

On its 29 April news page, Myanmar Online News writes, “Burmese people who live in the village near northern Loi Hsawng Htao, Monghsu Township, in southern Shan State were forced to leave their homes within 7 days. Otherwise, their houses and properties would be set on fire…”

“We understand that people with varied ethnicities including Burmese have come from a-far for gold mining here; but they should respect the livelihood of the locals as they are depending on the natural resources. As we have been informed by the locals to protect their resources, we will not let the gold miners or wood-cutters doing so irresponsibly. We will keep preventing wood cutting and other natural resources without inflicting. And this is not because we hate Burmese and are exploiting them. We are against anyone, not only Burmese, whoever destroys the livelihood of the locals,” an SSA commander said.

Major Sai La, a spokesman for SSA added: “at the time of crucial situation in which peace process is going on, people should avoid using provocative language and stimulating racism which can cause conflicts between ethnics and races. We should also be sure that not listening to only one-sided. As the government keeps reinforcing the army in SSPP/SSA controlled areas, and following the event of war, the consequences would be more pain than gain, in which we should be careful.”

Although SSPP/SSA and government have already signed the ceasefire agreement on 28 January 2012, fighting still continues and the people have to flee their homes as ever before.