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You are here: News IMNA Mon armed group of Nai Bin surrenders to Burmese Army

Mon armed group of Nai Bin surrenders to Burmese Army

The Mon armed group of Nai Bin, which has about 30 members, surrendered to government troops of LIB (Light Infantry Battalion) No. 31, based in Khawzar Sub-township, in the southern part of Ye Township, between February 29 and March 5th, according to a supporter of the Little Novice (Ha-Pawe-Dott) Monastery, who lives nearby the town of Ye.

Eight members of Nai Bin’s group surrendered on February 29 , six members on March 3rd and other 10 members, together with 16 of their family members, surrendered March 5th (to the Burma army unit) along with 21 weapons.

“Reportedly, they gave the list to the government that they had about 30 members,” confirmed a central military committee member of the New Mon State Party (NMSP).

An RBG, two M-16s, six AK-47s, two A2s, a carbine and some pistols were included in the surrender, according to a Ye resident.

“Nai Bin’s group has reached the South East Command of Moulmein today. I think the ceremony of the surrender will take place soon,” he continued.