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Disagreement on voting heads to divorce

Couples divorced after they had disagreement to cast their votes for their favorite (preferred) political parties running in by-elections on April 1st.

USDP and NLD party's logoCouples from Daungma and Sinmyay village in Sagaing township, Sagain Region had disagreement to cast their votes for their favorite parties and eventually they divorced at village administration office, according to a polling station agent of NLD party in Sagaing town.

"There were 14 couples who divorced at village administration office. It's because when wives want to cast their vote for USDP but husbands want to their vote for NLD party. Then wives were forced to vote for NLD party by their husbands. Their disagreement escalated on this issue and finally they divorced," the agent explained.

Likewise, there are many conflicts between daughter/son-in-law and mother/father-in-law on the issue of voting for their favorite political parties.

"When a father-in-law, who lives in Daungma village, visited to his son-in-law living in Nyaung-kon village, his son-in-law told his father-in-law that you are a supporter of USDP but I am a supporter of NLD party; so you are better not to visit my village. Then they had quarrel about it," the agent said.

There is a disagreement on voting issue between wife and husband, daughter/son-in-law and mother/father-in-law, and mother/father-in-law from both sides. They didn't say any greeting when they met on the street and some people had cut off all relations with their beloved one, according to a local person.

NLD party's candidate U Khin Maung Thein and USDP's candidate U Soe Naing will run in by-elections on April 1st for a lower house seat in Sagaing Township.

After disagreement on voting, couples had divorced during the 2010 generation elections in other States and Regions.