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Mon Women Network accepts the refugee women and children

"The Mon Women Network (MWN) made a decision in its meeting to help women and children, who arrived to Safe House which has been operating by WCRP. The safe house locates in Japan Yay-twin village in Three Pagoda Pass sub-township in Kyar Inn Seik Gyi township, Karen State. Those women and children are the victims of human rights abuses and civil wars”, Mi Thu Ta Zaw, one of the leaders in WCRP, said.

They will take care of those people, who arrived to Safe House, for a particular period. The WCRP will train them for promoting their knowledge and skills, according to Mi Thu Ta Zaw.

 “Our safe house is going to help women and children until their lives are safe and secure. We will provide food and accommodation for them. We will accept the number of women from 5-10 and children from 10- 20 per month in our Safe House. We will permit them to stay at least 6 months in our safe house. During the time, we will give training for developing of their skills and knowledge,” Mi Aei Sone, the leader of MWN, said.


Safe House opened in 7th October 2011. Since then, it accepted the refugee women and children. The Mon Women Organization (MWO) and the Mon Women Network (MNW) in Sangkhalaburi, Thailand, have supported the safe house. Locals are happy for their helps to solve the social problems on the border area.

“Emerging the safe house is very good. We have a problem entering into Thailand because this area is border area and illegal gate way to Thailand. We face many difficulties. Among them, especially women and children are facing more troubles. We are very pleasant of having Safe House in our area. New Mon State Party will help them as possible as we can. We want sustainability of the safe house for long-term,” an official from the NMSP said.  

Three Pagoda Pass area has lack of security because there are armed conflicts occurred between armed ethnic groups and Burmese Army. As well, it is also gathering influx of Burmese migrants, who daily travel to Thailand.