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Arakanese NGO publishes a report on forgotten survivors of Cyclone Giri

Chiang Mai: Thailand-based Arakanese NGO known as the Arakan Human Rights and Development Organization (AHRDO) have published a report on Thursday to highlight the problems and difficulties still facing the survivors of Cyclone Giri in Arakan State.


Commission investigates 1,000 acres of farmland confiscated by the army in Gwa

Thandwe: Burma’s union parliamentary commission for investigating confiscations of agrarian land and other land has recently investigated 1,000 acres of farms seized by the army in Gwa Township in southern Arakan State.


Local residents to protest CNPC on Kyaukpru’s Madae Island

The local residents said they are planning to stage a protest outside the office of the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) that is in charge of projects related to the gas and oil pipelines on Kyaukpru’s Madae Island in Arakan State on 26th of December.


Local farmers threatened by Burmese army for reporting farm confiscations

Minbya: The local farmers in Minbya Township in Arakan State have been summoned and threatened by the Burmese army reportedly for filing a complaint to the higher authorities over their farms being confiscated by the army.


Arakanese monks demonstrate in Sittwe

Sittwe: Arakanese Buddhist monks held a peaceful demonstration on Wednesday at the ground of the Pyi Lone Shan Thar Pagoda in Sittwe, the capital in Arakan State, in order to show their support for the monks and people who protested against the Lat Pan Daung copper-mine project.


Government to repair Sittwe’s reservoir pond with loans from Japan

Sittwe: The Arakan State Government said it is planning to repair the main reservoir pond in Sittwe after taking a loan from Japan when it answered a lawmaker’s questions regarding with the pond in the parliamentary session held on 10th of December.


Arakan’s salt industry faces ruin from losses

Sittwe: Salt industry, a major production business in Arakan State, faces ruin from continuous losses, said an executive director of the Arakan State Salt Industry Association.


Imprisoned Arakanese Youth Awarded “Nonentity Hero Prize”

An Arakanese political prisoner known as Ko Naing Soe (a) Mae Lone who is still being held in Pakokku Prison and four others have been awarded a “Nonentity Hero Prize”.


1.2 billion kyat addendum budget discussed in Arakan’s parliament

The Parliament of Arakan State has discussed a 1.2 billion kyat addendum of 2012-2013 budget in its fifth session that started on 10th of December, according to the local lawmakers.


Union commission investigates 14 more cases of land confiscation in Arakan

The Land Investigation Commission that has been formed by the Union Parliament is now conducting field investigations for the second time for 14 more cases of confiscation of agrarian lands in Arakan State.


Burmese Vice president Sai Mauk Kham visits to Arakan

The Burmese vice president Dr. Sai Mauk Kham along with many foreign diplomats has arrived in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State on Friday and travelled to Maungdaw  and Minbya, a troubled towns of Arakan in June and October, from Sittwe.


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