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Pa-oh National Liberation Organization Held People Consultation

The leaders of Pa-oh National Liberation Organization (PNLO) leaders held a public consultation with Pa-oh ethnic people in Thaton, Mon State, where many Pa=oh people home city.

timthumbKhun Ukka, the Chairman of PNLO, confirmed that the 7 senior leaders led by General Secretary Khun Tun Myint, will hold a public consultation meeting with Pa-oh people in order to get the people opinion on the current political situation.

He said, “while we are dealing with Railway Minister U Aung Min on ceasefire talks and further political talks, we planned to consult with the people in order to get their opinion on current political dialogue, to get their advice in this process, and to have a chance for PNLO to meet with its people”.

In the consultation meeting, many Pa-oh people, Buddhist monks and the activists from Pa-oh Literature and Culture Committees joined the meeting.

PNLO leaders have conducted similar consultation in Pa-oh National Dhamma Center near Shwedagon Pagoda on June 25 and in Taung Gyi, the capital of Shan State on June 23 respectlvely.

Khun Ukka explained that the PNLO peace delegates will also meet with U Aung Min led Union Peace Implementation Committee next week in Rangoon or Naypyidaw for political dialogue.

He also confirmed that the PNLO leaders also met with U Aung Min recently, and they have draft preliminary agreement. Based on these agreement they will discuss with government peace delegates and if both sides agree the will sign ceasefire agreement at State level.

Khun Ukka and the Pa-oh delegates met with U Aung Min on June 27, and they have drafted 7-points ceasefire agreement. Recently before this meeting, PNLO leaders had met with the minister twice. In the previous meetings, PNLO put for the political demands.

Accordingly to Khun Ukka, the PNLO leaders demanded key political demands are: to announce countrywide ceasefire and to hold political dialogue with all ethnic political parties within 60 days.

But the minister said he proposed some important demands to the President.

PNLO has been active in armed struggle along with many armed groups along Thailand-Burma border. Although the group is small if compared with Karen National Union, Shan State Army and other major ethnic groups, but the group have closely engaged with ethnic alliance.

Khun Ukka is also a key leader in United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC), an armed alliance group in Thailand-Burma border.