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Putao residents still difficult to buy rice

Due to rice shortages in Putao (Putau), the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) announced that it will sell rice for the local people; however, so far the local villagers have not been able to buy any.

women-and-mothersThis morning, the local residents from rural areas were waiting at the market with vehicles to buy rice, but they could not buy any, said local resident.

Despite the current leading party at the Burmese parliament of USDP selling rice to the local people, the recipients only make up one percent out of four percent, said local resident.

According to local residents, the USDP said the rice carried in by aircraft on August 3 would be available for residents, with enough for each person to buy. Therefore, local people came and waited with high hopes; however, they were told to come back on Monday to purchase the rice.

“Because of the USDP, around 200 local residents were too busy to come back to buy rice. Therefore, they really have a problem”, said Putao resident.

“The USDP did not say why they did not sell rice or when they would sell it again. The main cause of the rice shortage is that the government did not build a good dam to access water for the paddy farm. Therefore, rice production was low last year. The little rice produced by local farmers is bought by businessmen and consumed by soldiers from the Burmese military barracks, as well as by the Putao residents. So it is not enough for all”, said local resident.

According to the resident, some local villagers are eating bamboo shoots, yams, corn, and vegetable leaves from the forest.

The local people are dying from malnutrition from only eating vegetables from the farm or forest.

Putao has been suffering their rice shortage since July, forcing residents to to pay a thousand Burmese kyat per can. But no one is selling rice, for more than ten villages are currently experiencing rice shortage.