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Police kills a Rohingya in Maungdaw

Maungdaw,Arakan State: A Rohingya beggar from Alay Than Kyaw is said to have died in hospital after being beaten by  Police personnel from the nearby RamawaddyOutpost,  on the evening of April 20, according tovillage administration office staff.

Hussein, a Rohingya beggar died in hospital after being beaten by police.The elderly Hussein had crossed the police outpost, after begging in nearby villages to support his family,and had returned to his village, where Rakhinevillagers from across Maungdaw Township celebrated the water festival in Alay Than Kyaw.
A sergeant from the outpost beat the beggar severely, without asking any questions, until the beggar become unconsciousness, according to an eyewitness from the village.

Assistant Inspector, HlaMyoHtun-the outpost officer in charge- took the beggar to the hospital at AlyaThanKyaw for treatment but the man died in the hospital at about 9:00pm, hospital staff said.

A witness said the beggar never asked the sergeant for money or food. He was only passing in front of the outpost and the sergeantbeat him into unconsciousness. 
The unidentified hospital staff alleged it may have been because he was Rohingya and not a Buddhist.

“In Maungdaw, the government staff – police and Nasaka (border security) – don’t care about theRohingya as fellow human beings,”a student from Alay Than Kyaw said.
“Whenever they want to do something against the Rohingya, they don’t follow any law. Whatever they say is the law.”