Women’s training offered in SSA/SSPP headquarters

The Shan State Women’s Organization is holding evening trainings for local women on topics ranging from computer literacy to rule of law and women’s rights, according to organizers.

The nightly sessions started on July 11 in Wan Hai, the Shan State Army/Shan State Progressive Party’s headquarters, and will continue until October 8.

Already, 20 women from various Shan State townships including Mong Shu, Kyethi, Mong Yai, Tang Yan, Lashio, Kutkai, and Wan Hai, are participating in the 5pm to 7pm workshops.

The training provides lessons on human rights, using computers, women’s issues, law, rules and regulations, media, domestic affairs management and the position and policy of the SSPP, according to an official from the SSA/SSPP.

“Our aim is to help boost the local women’s knowledge, develop their capacities so that they can contribute in regional development and encourage them to join with local residents and women from various areas in uplifting the society,” said Nan San Phaung, who assisted in organizing the training.

The SSWO was established in the SSPP headquarters on April 28, 2013. Due to conflict, the organization was unable to start holding trainings until 2016.

“We have never heard of such kind of leadership training before. Most of the women in our village don’t know what women’s rights are. They only know how to earn money and raise their families. They don’t know much about politics or community affairs,” said Nan Kham Aye from Wan Sat Village in Mong Yai township. “I’m attending this training because I want to learn how to lead in regional development.”

The SSWO is working in conjunction with the Shan Women's Action Network (SWAN), and other non-governmental organizations and ethnic women’s organizations in order to help promote women’s involvement in development.