Man dies during NMSP drug raid

A villager was shot and killed during a raid by New Mon State Party (NMSP) troops last Thursday, in Kanni Village, Karen State’s Kawkareik Township.

house drug Kanni village
Derelict house where the local youth gambled and
used drugs (Photo: Kyaikmayaw/Mudon News/

The incident took place near the Kanni Village cemetery on July 14. NMSP raid infantry were informed of young locals using drugs in a run-down house. The raid began around 1:30 PM on July 14. There, five young locals were arrested, while one of them was shot and killed.

“Five persons were using drugs and 3 were playing cards when our soldiers arrived at the house. However, when they saw the soldiers, they jumped out of the house and ran away. The soldiers ordered them not to run and proceeded to open fire into the sky. We arrested five people. [….] But the wounded person died on the way, “said Nai Kyi San, secretary of Thaton District of New Mon State Party.

The victim was Ko Tun Myint, and he is Mon national, aged 30, and from Kanni Village.

Nai Kyi San continued that NMSP troops handed over four arrestees to Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) No. 546, which is based in Kyun Do area, as requested, on July 15.

“The villagers were playing cards at the cemetery outside of the village. So, the NMSP men raided the place. Due of that, the villagers ran away and there were shots fired. One of them was shot in the back once and died,” said U Tun Tun, Police Chief of Kyun Do Police Station.

The NMSP troops only decided to raid after the local people and youth groups had informed them several times that there were young people using drugs near the cemetery as if they were licensed to freely drug deal and consume narcotics, according to Nai Kyi San.

“On the day, it was a confusing situation in the village. Now it has become clear. However, we are not sure how the NMSP will handle this case yet. They have not commented on the case. We know for a fact it is still under investigation,” said a Sayardaw [senior monk] in Kanni Village.

Sayardaw added that although NMSP’s troops were informed that the young locals were playing cards and using drugs at the cemetery, when the incident took place they were only playing cards.

According to Police Chief U Tun Tun, the man who shot the deceased ran away and is in hiding. The NMSP is currently searching for that person. The accused is charged with article of 302/364/114.

As part of its national project, the NMSP has been conducting anti-drug campaigns and providing education concerned with drug danger and rehab services to locals.