Fighting Increases Along Chinese Border

  • Written by K.N.G
  • Published in KNG

Since last week, fighting between the Burma Army and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) has been breaking out near the main trade route with China in Kachin State.

The Burma Army has been launching offensives against military camps controlled by KIA Battalion 3 (under Brigade 5) in the Sadung area near the Myitkyina-Kampaiti road.

Residents told the KNG that the attacks have been waged on Ngwa Le camp that is strategically located near the Chinese border and Bum Sen and Lai Hpawng Bum camps near Sadung town.

Skirmishes were also reported this Tuesday near Mang Shang Kahtawng Village and Bum Sen Mountain, five miles north of Sadung.

The fighting has driven several hundred civilians over the border to China where they have sought refuge with limited food support near border mile post 6 and 7, said  U Kham Rod, a resident of Sadung.

“Over 200 people from Chan Maw Khan and Bu Khan villages have fled to the Chinese side. There isn’t anyone to assist them at the border.”

KIA supporters claim that they spotted the Burma Army transporting soldiers in civilian clothing and heavy artillery to the conflict areas from Myitkyina and nearby Waingmaw--increasing fears that fighting will get worse.

The Burma Army has allegedly requested for the proxy group New Democratic Army - Kachin led by U Zahkung Ting Ying, to be on standby.

Reporting by KNG
Translated by Thida Linn