KIA Bombs Burma Army Column

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KIA Troops in Mongkoe Area KIA Troops in Mongkoe Area

Kachin Independence Army (KIA) Battalion 36 targeted Burma Army Light Infantry Division (LID) 99 with a bomb near Pang Hseng (Kyu Koke) Town, northern Shan State on the morning of 17 March.

The bomb was detonated near a gate in Nambarthet Village at 5am near to soldiers from LID 99 who were setting off to Mongkoe said an official from KIA Brigade 6.

LID 99 has been operating in the area under the control of KIA Brigade 6.

Following the bomb explosion there was no further fighting between the KIA and the Burma Army.

But, following the blast the Burma Army fired into a nearby house and injured Yogara Shin, a Chinese man, who is now receiving treatment in Manshi Hospital in China.

The number of Burma Army casualties from the blast is unknown, but the military column continued marching towards Mongkoe following the explosion.

Since the KIA officially confirmed the area of northern Shan State under the control of KIA Brigade 6 over 2,000 Burma Army troops have been carrying out territory clearance operations in the area claimed by Brigade 6.

Translated by Thida Linn
Edited in English by Mark Inkey for BNI