Foul odor from rubber factories affects health, Mudon residents claim

  • Written by Hinthar Media
  • Published in Hinthar Media

Waste products and foul odor from rubber factories near Mudon Oo village in Mudon Township, Mon State, have been upsetting local residents living near the factories and affecting their health, local residents of Mudon Oo village said.

“Now we feel dizzy and get headaches. The stench is so foul that we have to put betel leaves and guava leaves inside our noses. We can’t even eat well due to the stench of the waste water from the factory. I've no idea where we've to complain about this. Yet, I’m afraid of complaining it,” said Daw Yin Hla.

She added that the factory wastes have been dumped into the creek inside the village so local residents have been suffering from rashes after using the water from the creek.

According to a local resident, not only the two rubber factories but also a distillery have been dumping waste products into the only creek, causing more pollution.

“Mosquitoes increased after the creek water became polluted. So, the factory gave mosquito-nets to the local residents. Although we are afraid of possible diseases caused by the stench from the factory, nobody dares to complain about them and we've to suffer in silence,” said a local resident of Mudon Oo village.

U Win Tin Ko, manager of the Fushin Rubber Factory, said that rubber already has its own odor and the factory have been using a system to send away the odor underground. Although there is no side effect, the factory has to work for the conveniences of the residents if many of them complain.

“Fushin Factory will cooperate with international experts reducing air and water pollution. We'll make the neighborhoods to accept us,” he said.

He told Hinthar Media that the factory will use high technologies from abroad to eliminate waste and bad odor in the coming year.