IDPs fearful as food rations set to end

With donor-supplied food rations set to stop soon, internally displaced families in Kayin (Karen) State say they are worried about their future, yet have little recourse.

KNU congress reflects on political achievements

In a recent evaluation, the Karen National Union deemed signing the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) and being taken off the government’s unlawful organizations list as two of its biggest political achievements over the past four years.

NMSP to urge other UNFC members to sign NCA

As the Wa continue to push fellow ethnic armed groups to abandon the nationwide ceasefire agreement and start negotiations anew, the movement has encountered resistance in Mon State.

Kayah State to roll back tollgate fees starting April 1

Starting next month, Kayah State’s Municipal Development Department will no longer be levying a tollgate fee before the entrance to the towns and the city in the state, according to an announcement from the department. Instead, drivers will have to pay a “wheel” tax before re-licensing their vehicles.   

Nearly 1,000 tonnes of illegal logs seized in northern Shan State

Office of Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services issued a press release which said a military column had found and seized 1,000 tons of abandoned illegal logs and trucks which were used in illegal logging in northern Shan State near Mabane Township on March 18 and 19 while they were performing security operations.

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