Burma Army Cut Youth with Knife during Interrogation

Burma Army soldiers repeatedly cut a16 year old on his face, neck and hands with a knife as they interrogated him about fighting in the Namtu area of Northern Shan State in early February.

A resident from Namtu Township who spoke to S.H.A.N. said the youth’s name was Sai (Aik) Myint Aung and that he came from Nar-Lay Village.

He said: “Government forces were attacked in an ambush on 1st February and three soldiers died in the battle. They asked him [Sai (Aik) Myint Aung] about that and the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) soldiers. When Aik Myint Aung answered that he knew nothing, they [the government soldiers] cut his face neck and hands with a knife. Now he is being treated at Panloan Village-Tract Hospital.

Sai Kham, a local resident, said that when a government army company under the command of brigade No. 77 went to Panloan Village-Tract area an unknown armed group attacked them near Want-Nar-Lay Village, located between Want-Le-Lu and Want-Chaung-Thar Villages of Panloan Village-Tract. Three government soldiers died and another five were injured.

When government and TNLA forces clashed in Moegok Township in Mandalay Region and Momeik Township in Shan State on 2nd and 3rd February the government used fighter jets. As a result students and residents were injured and about 2,000 residents had to flee their homes according to an announcement by the Ta’ang Women’s Group.

Translated by Aung Myat Soe English version written by Mark Inkey for BNI