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Tuesday, Jan 27th

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Website of Burmese Information Ministry hacked

Hackers broke into the website of the Burmese Information Ministry on Tuesday, posting a threatening message to the Burmese government which said in part, “Stop the killing of Muslims.”


The message, written in English, said, “Stop the killing of Muslims. Those Muslims have a message of peace to the world, but you are killing them. If you continue with the killing of Muslims, we will target all the worshipers of Buddha everywhere in the world...and your country will be a hell.” The message included a photograph of charred bodies.

The government website was down for several hours after the attack.

Meanwhile, a Burmese website,, was hacked on July 26 by a hacker group using the name “Akincilar,” which posted a threatening message.

The message, written in English, said: “Stop this savagery. If you continue to this [sic] actions, as an AKINCILAR we will continue to our attacks to all of your systems too. [sic]” 

According to the Internet, Akincilar is an anonymous Turkish hacker group. Akıncılar is also a town and a district of Sivas Province in Turkey.