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You are here: News Khonumthung CNF forms Public Consultation Committee in Matupi

CNF forms Public Consultation Committee in Matupi

A Chin National Front (CNF) Public Consultation Committee was set up in Matupi in Chin state on July 13. The creation of the committee follows the opening of a CNF liaison office on June 23.

CNF Public Relations officer Pu Mang Lai said the committee will provide representation for the various Chin ethnic groups.

“We formed the Public Consultation Committee comprising  of representatives from the various tribes (and committees) from Matupi Township,” said Pu Mang Lai.

Pu Mang Lai told Khonumthung that 23 people were selected during a meeting in Matu Baptist Church (MBC) between local town elders, Christian religious leaders and Matupi residents. The members selected included three members of the Peace and Tranquility Committee, and two members from the Matu, Mara and Dai tribes.   

The CNF formed the committee in order to provide public consultation with Chin people. The formation of the committee follows a ceasefire between the CNF and government. The CNF has been fighting for  democracy and self-determination since 1988.

The CNF’s liaison office in-charge consulted with respective leaders of the Matupi Union Solidarity and Development Party, the Chin Progressive Party, religious and youth leaders from the Matu Baptist Church (MBC).

The CNF and the Chin state government signed an agreement to initiate peace talks in January. The agreement allowed creating a public consultation committee with residents of Chin state and other communities. The Public Consultation Committee will operate from the CNF’s liaison office in Than Tlang Town.