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Polling station officers preparing for the Election Day
Polling station officers prepare for Election Day in Sittwe, capital of Arakan State.

The Special Police Officer who is ready to guard the polling station
A Special Election Police Officer stands in front of a polling station that he will guard during Election Day in Sittwe, capital of Arakan State. More than 40,000 men were drafted to provide security for polling stations across Myanmar during Election Day.

"Vote For The Party That Can Make A Change"

Mya Wun Yan — BNI Election Newsroom interviewed U Kyaw Khin; a NLD candidate running in the Shan State’s Mantong constituency where the majority of ethnic Lahu in Myanmar reside. The constituency is also home to ethnic Wa and 10 polling stations have been opened in their area.

Hotspot Areas Prioritized By Election Observer Group

San Maung Than — Among other election observation organizations in Arakan State, Wun Latt Foundation will prioritize constituencies where there are many independent candidates and areas where potential conflict could break out.

Not Many Advance Voters In Chaungzon

Aik Sai — Over 300 people have cast advanced votes in Mon State’s Chaungzon, according to Chaungzon Township Election Sub-Commission office. Eligible voters have been allowed to give advanced votes since Oct. 29.

Shan Literature Expert Discusses Election

Mya Wun Yan — In advance of Sunday’s election, Shan literature expert U Sai Pha, from Namhsan in southern Shan State, shared his views on the election with the BNI Election Newsroom. Among his people, he’s highly respected as a teacher of  Shan literature.

Hpruso residents Lacking Information About Election

Htoe Myar — Some people in Hpruso town in Karenni State are confused about Sunday’s election and the voting procedure in general. Residents are easily swayed by rallies by popular candidates without knowing what they actually stand for. Or what candidates are running in their constituencies.

Election Observers’ Power Limited

Sa Eh Sue — Election observation groups in Karen State can’t publically report pre-election incidents; they are only allowed to document them. This can be frustrating if they witness to discrepancies during electoral proceedings.

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