Chin politicians interviewed on the future of their state

Salai Kyaw Moe — The following interviews are with representatives from two ethnic Chin political parties on the future of Chin state in the wake of the recent national election.    Cheery Zahau, a renowned women rights activist and previous Chin person of the year award winner, is the Chin Progressive Party (CPP) Secretary.  Salai Pi Pi and U Ngai Sak are both from the Chin League for Democracy (CLD).

Interim committee formed for Chin parties cooperation

Salai Kyaw Moe Tun — An interim committee tasked with the goal of creating cooperation among ethnic Chin parties was formed last month during a meeting of Chin political parties. According to U Salai Aung Min Hlaing from the Asho Chin National Party the committee's formation was a major breakthrough.

Election commission to reexamine allegations against Zahkung Ting Ying

Thuta Linn — A tribunal created by the Union Election Commission (UEC) will take another look at a complaint filled by a National League for Democracy (NLD) candidate against U Zahkung Ting Ying, a Kachin militia leader who banned the NLD from campaigning in his territory.

Chin League for Democracy seeks to join ethnic alliance

Salai Kyaw Moe — The Chin League for Democracy (CLD), is seeking to become a permanent member of the United Nationalities Alliance (UNA). The party submitted a request to join the election prior to the election but it still wants to join the alliance, explains the CLD’s chairman U Ngai Sak.

Chin State had highest voter turn out in the country

Salai Kyaw Moe — Of all the states and regions in Burma, Chin State had the highest voter turnout as a percentage during the November 2015 Election, according to figures released by the Chin State Election Commission.

ANP vows to handle Ko Tao case diplomatically

San Maung Than — The Arakan National Party (ANP) says it will use diplomatic methods to free the two Burmese citizens from Arakan state who were convicted of murdering two British citizens in Thailand last month.

Chin Progressive Party Questions Koh Tao verdict

The Chin Progressive Party (CPP) issued a four-point statement concerning the death sentence handed down last month to two Arakanse migrant workers on trial for the murder of two British backpackers on the Thai island of Koh Tao. The strongly worded statement was sent to the Thai Embassy in Rangoon and the Privy Council of Thailand.

NLD to compile land grabbing list for Karenni State

Htoe Myar — The National League for Democracy (NLD) issued an announcement at the end of last month indicating that it will make a list of expropriated farmland in Karenni State, the country's smallest state.

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