Despite election loss Ethnic Inn party says Inle Lake preservation effort will continue

  • Written by Mya Wun Yan
  • Published in Shan State

Mya Wun Yan — Although the Inn National Development Party (INDP) was unsuccessful during the recent general election, its party members will continue working with philanthropic organizations to preserve Inle Lake, according to Dr Daw Khin Hla from the INDP. She ran ran for the Inn Ethnic Affairs ministerial position in Shan State.

“I didn’t become the Inn Affairs Minister but I will continue with my original aim to work with philanthropic organizations for the preservation of Inle Lake”, Dr Daw Khin Hla said.

The INDP contested all three seats in Nyaung Shwe Township and campaigned only in Nyaung Shwe town. Dr Daw Khin Hla explained that the INDP was unable to campaign across the whole of Shan State due to financial constraints.

Asked about the NLD victory she said hoped that the party would work with ethnic people. “There are 135 ethnic races in Myanmar. Ethnic affairs can’t be left behind, I hope the NLD will work together with ethnic people,” she said.

During her run for for Shan State's Inn Ethnic Affairs ministerial position in the Dr Daw Khin Hla received 8,011 votes. Since serving at Taunggyi University, she has been carrying out philanthropic works relating to the Inn people. After retiring from her job, she joined the INDP as its educational adviser.

On condition of anonymity, a resident of Lechay Village which is located on Inle Lake told BNI she was okay with the NLD victory. “Even though the NLD has won [the Inn Ethnic Affairs ministerial position], he is also an ethnic Inn. I also like the female candidate.

The INDP won in the past. The Inn Minister was a native Nyaung Shwe. Now, Dr Tun Hlaing (from the NLD) is from our own Inle Lake so I know him more. Although I don’t understand much about politics, I voted for the NLD because I wanted a change in the lives of the Inn people,” the person said.

In addition to the INDP, the Inn Ethnic League Party, the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), and the National League for Democracy (NLD) ran for the Inn Ethnic Affairs ministerial position. Dr Tun Hlaing from the NLD won this position with 46,406 votes.