Shan State’s NLD winning candidates skip out on clean up effort

  • Written by Mya Wun Yan
  • Published in Shan State

Mya Wun Yan — Winning candidates from the National League for Democracy (NLD) in the Shan State have opted to prioritize submitting paper work relating to the election instead of taking part in state clean up efforts, according to the Shan State NLD chairperson Daw Moe Moe. Many other NLD candidates across the country have taken part in efforts to clean up their local areas after the election.

The NLD’s chairperson Daw Aung San Suu Kyi will meet with the winning candidates from Shan State at May Hall in Pyinmana later this month and the candidates will follow the instructions of the chairperson.

“Rather than taking part in the cleanup program, we are trying to submit the election spending [reports] on time. After this is over, we will meet with the party’s chairperson and carry out the instructions of the central headquarters,” Daw Moe Moe told BNI Election Newsroom.

Ko Aung Soe Min, who recently won a Lower House seat from Ywangan Township in southern Shan State, said he does not have an agenda to pick up trash at the moment but will carry this out after receiving instructions from his party.

“I’ve heard that candidates from Lower Burma have been instructed to do the cleanup on December 12. Some candidates say have they have already been doing the cleanup. I think everyone will pick up the trash on that day. We have not been able to do it yet as we are trying not to make mistakes with our financial records,” Ko Aung Soe Min said.

An environmental activist told BNI that he also supports the cleanup program and urged the public to pay attention to the important issue of garbage disposal.

“We also need to consider how to dispose of this garbage. We need to be able to educate the public while picking up the trash. Otherwise, it will only stay the same,” the activist advised.

“Daw Aung San Suu Kyi told the [winning] candidates to pick up the trash. I think of this as a way of interacting between the candidates and the public. After the Tazaungdaing Festival, the trash at A Way Yar Ground smells bad and looks bad. Philanthropic groups were picking it yesterday. But, it’s not enough with their effort alone. It would better if the city residents, officials, and the party members become involved,” said Ko Aung from East Pinsin Village of Taunggyi.

In Shan State the NLD won 12 seats for the Lower House, three seats in the Upper House, 22 seats in the State Parliament. The party also won two seats for the Ethnic Affairs ministerial positions in the state.