TNP Candidate Verbally Recognized As Winner After Dispute

  • Written by Mai Kaung Saing
  • Published in Shan State

Mai Kaung Saing — After a polling dispute between candidates from the Ta’ang National Party (TNP) and Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) about who won Shan State’s Upper House Constituency No 5, the Union Election Commission (UEC) Chairman U Tin Aye has verbally recognized U Nyi Sein from TNP as the victor.

Last week the UEC announced that U Sai Sar Lu (USDP) won the constituency. U Nyi Sein objected after a recount of ballots from six polling stations in Northern Shan State’s Namhkam Township showed that he had won.

“We submitted an objection letter to U Tin Aye. He said that the situation outlined in our letter was fair and that the state election commission chairman from Taunggyi also agreed. The seat that was initially announced to U Sai Sar Lu (USDP) has been given to me. U Tin Aye personally told us that I was victorious,” U Nyi Sein said.

The TNP candidate told BNI Election Newsroom the news will soon be announced in state-owned media.

During poll counting for Upper House Constituency 5 the UEC forgot to include results from the six polling stations, but after these were tabulated it showed that U Nyi Sein beat U Sai Sar Lu by 199 votes.

According to the new information U Nyi Sei received a total of 41,046 votes and U Sai Sar Lu got 40,847 votes.

Translated by Thida Linn
Edited by BNI staff