An interview with newly elected NLD rep from Dawei

  • Written by Khine Nwe Oo
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Khine Nwe Oo — The newly elected representative for Tanintharyi Region Parliament, U Ho Pin, who ran in Dawei Constituency No 2, recently spoke to the BNI Election Newsroom about his views on a wide variety topics.

Q: What is your perspective on what political changes will happen in 2016?

A: The NLD is likely to lead politics in 2016. The political aim of the NLD is national reconciliation so I believe we will be able to reconcile the disagreements from the past and build a prosperous country.

Q: What kind of difficulties will you face with the changing political situation?

A: There are many difficulties. The first issue we will face relates to making repairs. There are issues we need to carry out for future development. All the organizations need to work together to carry this out. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to travel if there are obstacles on the road.

Q: What kind of issues do you plan to carry out for regional development in your constituency?

A: We plan to join hands with everyone and give priority to the desires of local residents. We need a lot of support from the Union [central government] in order to carry this out in the area.

Q: Can you tell us the issues that the area is facing?

A: Most of them are land confiscation issues. There are also environmental issues caused by the excavation of [natural] resources. Electricity is also needed for development.

Q: When will you start solving these issues?

A: I have to follow the leadership of the central headquarters when solving these issues.

Q: Can you tell us about the current economic situation in the area and what kind of situation can happen in 2016?

A: The local residents have been facing financial difficulties now. Tasks are likely to be carried out for the development of local economic opportunities next year. Most of the company owners that come to work in our area have dominated local businesses. They don’t seem to care much about the welfare of other areas. There are plans to solve these issues and provide job opportunities [for local residents].

Q: What kind of changes will you carry out for political change in 2016?

A: We have been very distant from administrative issues. It was because the other side did not offer their hands to welcome us and we have delayed in shaking their hands. Now, [the power] is in our hands so I worry whether or not I will be able to fulfill my duty. But, I have decided to try my best.