USDP And NLD Will Work Together

  • Written by Htoe Myar
  • Published in Karenni State

Htoe Myar — The winning candidate for Burmese Affairs Minister position pledged to work with the National League for Democracy (NLD) which took most of the seats in Karenni State. U Hla Myo Swe from Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) told the BNI Election Newsroom he will work closely with the NLD after their landslide victory in the recent election.

“I’m ready to cooperate with them on all duties entrusted to me by Parliament.” Before joining the party, U Hla Myo Swe was involved in many public works projects such as roadways, water, electricity, education and the health sector.

“If I’m allowed to carry out tasks involving education and health for Karenni State, these will be my first priority,” Although not ready to reveal the specifics he said they won’t only be beneficial for ethnic Bamar.

NLD candidate U Aung Kyaw Soe that was victorious in securing an Upper House seat stressed the importance of the parties working together.

“Speaking frankly, we have to join hands in doing good things for the people, this is our main priority for our state and our country,” he said.

The USDP only secured seven seats in Karenni State: a Lower House seat in Bawlakhe constituency; two in Upper House Constituency No 8 and 10; four in State Parliament in Bawlakhe Constituency No 1 and 2; Hpasawng Constituency No 1 and the Burmese Affairs Minister position.

The NLD took all the rest except for a seat in Upper House Constituency No 9 that was won by independent candidate U Soe Thein.

Translated by Thida Linn
Edited by BNI staff