NLD Leads In Hpruso Town

  • Written by Htoe Myar
  • Published in Karenni State

Htoe Myar — The National League for Democracy (NLD) is leading in Hpruso town, Karenni State. Upper House NLD candidate Daw Shar Muu told the Kantarawaddy Times they are still waiting for the election commission to tell them the results. She wasn’t invited to witness advanced voting but heard the NLD is doing quite well.

“The commission still hasn’t told us the results of advanced votes. They said that they still don’t have the authority to announce it. As far as we know, the NLD had good results in some polling stations; both for advanced voting and for votes on the Election Day,” Daw Shar Muu said.

“The public’s desire will be fulfilled. We told them we will fulfill the public’s desire if we win,” she said.

At press time, the main opposition party won in 5 wards in Hpruso town and things were apparently favourable in 14 out 17 polling stations, according to U Thoe Reh, a State Parliament candidate.

U Shay Pè, from All Nationalities Democracy Party, said the Union Solidarity and Development Party placed their bets in winning with advanced voting.

“I think they rest their hope on these votes,” he said.

The public wanted to take part in yesterday’s historic day but many ballots were spoiled after “they didn’t know how to vote” U Shay Pè said.

“There has freedom and fairness till now,” said U Koo Reh, a resident of Hpruso Markarawshae Village Tract, but added there have been concerns about incidents brewing under the surface with the potential to undermine all of this.  

Translated by Thida Linn
Edited by BNI staff